who we is.

dis is he what is known as Da Webster. Some call him John, others call hims "Da dark warlock", to others he is "Wanker" and some dey does call him "Steve", but Dey is just wrongs.

Webster is da guy who runs dis site does all da artwork and writin' and everyfin else cos he is a megalomanical doofus an' never lissens to Audley.

Da Webster says he is 41 years old. He claims to write and draw for a livin' and so far remains crap at both (Audley knows talent equals lots of cash even if he don'ts)

Still dere is some hope for him yets. He's had stuff published and even got some pages of my fabulous "Operation infinite resents" displayed in a gallery in 2006

Currently he's got two wives and a cat (or maybe dats two cats anna wife, I never really listen) Is working on other stuff as well but Audley can'ts get her heads around his nonsense.

All of us can be contacted at me e-mail Audleystrange@googlemail.com