Get on board with the original attempts at sequential hilarity.


Operation Infinite Presents.

In which Audley is gleefully drafted into the infernal army after Elf-Qaeda attacks trident towers and Hell invades the fairy tale realm of Everland and is thrust into the Heart of Darkness to assassinate the shadowy leader of the terrorists. A classic festive tale for all the family.

The 120 days of Soda.

Headhunted by one of Hell's top evil corporations, EOL Chronos Doomsayer, Audley, despite not having a clue, finds herself head of marketing for the new narcotic based experimental cola in this tale of addiction, revengeance, boredom crime and offensive target based advertising.

The Great Choc N Soul Swindle.

It's Easter and after being kicked out of the Evil office by the President for wholly unreasonable demands, Audley drags B.L.Z off on a time travelling adventure to steal the chocolate eggs from the self styled "King of Kings" on one not so good Friday. Contains scenes of utter blasphemy, you have been warned!




Yet more idiotic nonsense as Audley and B.L.Z. find themselves once again on earth stuggling to survive a Zombie outbreak set in motion by some various characters who impressively managed to survive the last story.

Grand Theft Gateau.

Another inconsequential piece of stupidity. This time Audley and B.L.Z. become immersed in Hell's organised criminal underworld as they try and make their fortune robbing banks, betraying their bosses and stealing a truck filled with weaponised cake mix. Yes it's that ridiculous.

Attack of the Metal Bastard.

The pointlessness continues as Audley winds up working in a call centre and daydreams about being a viking or something, even I'm not sure where we were going with this one, which of course makes it possibly equivalent to three awesomes